Soccer – England vs Ukraine (Under 21 World Cup)

England like Spain is a favorite to win this years Under 21 World Cup. Spain like England faces a must win match in the group stage. Ukraine was defeated by the Czech Republic in their first match and they will definitely be looking for revenge and a result in this one. That said England is far more talented and should win this match handedly. England wont be taking this match lightly and if England wants to keep its destiny in its hands they will need to win this match. A must win match by England will mean Ukraine should be defeated fairly handily.


Pick: England, Win.

Soccer – Spain vs Czech Republic (Under 21 World Cup)

Spain is coming off of a draw against fellow U-21, World Cup favorites England. Still Spain must be considered the favorite and they are certainly the more talented team in this match. While the Czech Republic is a very talented young squad they cannot be called favorites like Spain. While Spain and England are behind the Czech Republic both teams are expected to finish above the Czech Republic in the standings. Spain knows that it needs to pick up points if it wants to advance out of the group stage. A draw would be a dangerous result forcing a must win game in their final game against Ukraine if England defeats Ukraine. Spain is the better team, and given the Czech’s first match win Spain will be going all out for a win here.


Pick: Spain, Win

Soccer – Belarus @ Denmark (Under 21 World Cup)

This is an interesting U-21 matchup. Normally the World Cup is played on neutral ground but in this case Denmark is the host country and that should give them an advantage. Denmark is 0-0-1 so far in this world cup while Belarus is 1-0-0. Belarus played the weakest team in the group by far in Iceland while Denmark played the strongest team in Switzerland. Belarus is probably a slightly better team than Denmark but its a close matchup. On neutral ground I would expect the win draw for Belarus but on home ground I think the U-21 match will go to Denmark.


Pick: Denmark, Win

Soccer – Iceland vs Switzerland (Under 21 World Cup)

This writeup will be pretty short. Switzerland is a pretty large favorite. Switzerland is a small nation but known for turning out a fair amount of soccer talent. Iceland is a small nation not really known for soccer due to being even smaller than Switzerland. Switzerland is regularly one of the better nations in Soccer while Iceland isn’t. The U-21 talent pools tend to be fairly in line with the over 21 talent pools. I would expect the better team to win here on neutral ground, but in U-21 games is really hard to say anything for sure. Stay away from this match if you have a streak.


Pick: Switzerland, Win

Soccer – Ukraine vs. Czech Republic (Under 21 World Cup)

Another Under 21 pick and another pick that’s very difficult to pick. In this one the Czech Republic is a more well known soccer nation than Ukraine. Still neither team has home field advantage. The Czech Republic is the more talented young squad here and since the match is being played on neutral ground I think the young Czech squad will overwhelm their Ukrainian opponents. The Czech’s have more recent experience against elite teams having drawn U-21 favorites England, and losing to another soccer powerhouse in Italy. While the Czech’s haven’t had much recent success they definitely should see more success on neutral ground against Ukraine.


Pick: Czech Republic Win

Soccer – England @ Spain (Under 21 World Cup)

This is a tricky matchup. Both England and Spain are the early favorites to win the Under 21 World Cup. This match isn’t being played in either England or Spain and under 21 talent is incredibly hard to judge. Given the relative haze that surrounds under 21 talent when compared to regular national games it is really hard to judge this game. Still the two favorites for the entire tournament matching up on a neutral location seems to smell of a draw. Spain is a slight favorite but England always has a lot of Under 21 talent and I think if Spain didn’t win the regular World Cup last year this matchup would strongly favor the win draw option. If this match were in Spain I wouldn’t hesitate to¬† take them but on neutral ground I must go with the win draw here.


Pick: England to Win or Draw

Soccer – Netherlands @ Uruguay

The Streak Master loves to try and trip people up on International Friendly’s, and why not? They are nearly impossible to pick! Nothing on the line, nothing to play for, they often simply depend on who feels like playing this day. The Netherlands haven’t lost since their World Cup finals loss last year to Spain. They also haven’t wont a lot. Uruguay is not Brazil but Uruguay is a very strong team and was knocked out of the World Cup last year by the Netherlands and likely wants revenge. Uruguay has struggled recently but is getting prepared for the Copa America and thus has some motivation to play well. The Netherlands on the other hand is on vacation missing several key players.


At full strength the Netherlands is a better team but they wont be at full strength in this one. Also don’t underestimate Uruguay they are a very good team, are at home and have some motivation to get into better form. I don’t really think this will be won by either team but Uruguay is at home and has the win-draw. Netherlands are probably favorites but I don’t see them pressing to hard and likely settling for a road draw.


Pick: Uruguay, Win or Draw.