Soccer – Bohemians @ Bray Wanderers

The 2nd match of the day comes from….you guessed it the Irish Premier League.  This match is very similar to the match this morning from the Finland Premier League.  Bray Wanderers and Bohemians sit in 5th and 6th position on the table respectively with a 5 point differential between the two.  Let’s go behind the numbers for this one…..


Overall Record:  7-5-6

On the Road:  4-2-3

Last 5:  1-1-3

Bray Wanderers

Overall Record:  9-4-4

At Home:  5-1-2

Last 5:  4-1-0

Of the 2 club matches on the Streak today this would be the one I would risk a streak on because of the recent play of the two teams.  Bray is playing really well of late including a home win against Shamrock(1st on the table) while Bohemians are coming off a 3-0 loss at Derry City.  These two have met twice this year with Bray winning at home and a draw at Bohemians.  I normally like the draw in these kind of soccer matches but I am going with the home team in this one.

Pick:  Bray Wanderers  Win

Soccer – Derry City @ Shamrock Rovers

In the second soccer match of the day we get to pick another gem from the Irish Premier League.  These two teams are only separated by 5 points on the table and will meet up for the second time this season.  Let’s look at the numbers in this middle of the season battle…

Derry City

Overall Record:  8-5-3

On the Road:  4-2-2

Last 5:  2-2-1

Shamrock Rovers

Overall Record:  10-4-2

At Home:  6-0-1

Last 5:  3-1-1

This is definitely a match that I wouldn’t pick if I had any kind of streak at risk.  These two teams are close to each other on the table and drew the first two time they played this season.  After looking at the numbers I like Shamrock but not enough to risk a streak on them.  If you plan on pick be careful and expect the unexpected.  I will have to go with the home team but not by much.  You have been warned!!!!

Pick:  Shamrock Rovers Win

Prop – Soccer – Drogheda United @ Dundalk FC

In the second soccer match of the day we get a treat from the Irish Premier League.  Drogheda United takes on Dundalk FC for the second time this year(Dundalk won 2-1 at Drogheda). What makes this match enticing is that Drogheda has the Win/Lose by 1 or Draw option which usually is a good pick on the streak but let’s breakdown the numbers real quick…..

Drogheda United

Overall Record:  1-2-13

On the Road:  1-0-7

Last 5:  1-0-4

Losses by 2+:  6

Dundalk FC

Overall Record:  7-4-4

At Home:  3-4-0

Last 5:  4-0-1

Wins by 2+:  2

This is one time I really feel confident that the team with only the win option would win but of course we have the Win by 2+ choice.  Looking at their records and even their first match this year(Dundalk 2-1 at Drogheda) it seems like the Win/L by 1 or Draw seems like the choice but like ESPN Legend Lee Corso says ” Not So Fast My Friend.”  Drogheda has played absolutely awful this year with only one win over the last place team and has been beaten by 2 a half dozen times.  That beng said, stay away unless you don’t have a streak and if you take this I would say go with the better team this time.

Pick:  Dundalk FC Win by 2+

Soccer – Shamrock Rovers @ Bray Wanderers

The last time that the Shamrock Rovers (8-4-1) faced the Bray Wanderers (6-4-4) the Rovers suffered their only loss of the year. Thursday Shamrock looks to get revenge, this time on the road. Shamrock can clinch a Irish Premier League title with a victory and will be going all out for a win. Shamrock is the clear favorite in this one despite being on the road. Bray might have beaten Shamrock earlier this year but at this point they are safe from relegation and cannot hope to get into Europe or really gain anything else. Surely Bray wants to win but Shamrock has far more motivation in this one.

Shamrock Rovers

Table: 1st (2 point lead)

Record: 8-4-1

Road Record: 3-4-0

Last 5: 3-2-0

Last 5 on Road: 2-3-0

Goal Differential On Road: +6

Bray Wanderers

Table: 7th

Record: 6-4-4

Home Record: 3-1-3

Last 5: 1-2-2

Last 5 at Home: 3-0-2

Goal Differential at Home: +-0

Bray has been fairly respectable at home but at this point in the season they have little to play for other than pride. Home pitch advantage is a pretty big advantage and recent history also favors Bray but Shamrock can clinch a title with a win here and I expect them to go for it.

Pick: Shamrock Rovers to Win