Soccer – Bohemians @ Bray Wanderers

The 2nd match of the day comes from….you guessed it the Irish Premier League.  This match is very similar to the match this morning from the Finland Premier League.  Bray Wanderers and Bohemians sit in 5th and 6th position on the table respectively with a 5 point differential between the two.  Let’s go behind the numbers for this one…..


Overall Record:  7-5-6

On the Road:  4-2-3

Last 5:  1-1-3

Bray Wanderers

Overall Record:  9-4-4

At Home:  5-1-2

Last 5:  4-1-0

Of the 2 club matches on the Streak today this would be the one I would risk a streak on because of the recent play of the two teams.  Bray is playing really well of late including a home win against Shamrock(1st on the table) while Bohemians are coming off a 3-0 loss at Derry City.  These two have met twice this year with Bray winning at home and a draw at Bohemians.  I normally like the draw in these kind of soccer matches but I am going with the home team in this one.

Pick:  Bray Wanderers  Win

Soccer – JJK Jyvaskyla @ FC Inter Turku

The streak master gives us a gem this morning from the Finland Premier League!!!!!!!! This should be a really tough match to pick because both teams are playing good soccer and only 1 point separates the two for 2nd and 3rd on the table. This will be a match that I personally would stay away from with a decent streak(W3 or more) on the line. Let’s take a look at the numbers for this early season battle in Finland…..

JJK Jyvaskyla

Overall Record:  7-2-1

On the Road:  2-2-1

Last 5:  3-1-1

FC Inter Turku

Overall Record:  7-1-2

At Home:  4-1-0

Last 5:  4-0-1

These two are playing really good soccer early this season and that makes this pick very difficult and risky if you have a good streak on the line.  JJK having the draw makes the pick slightly easier plus JJK defeated Turku in a League Cup Match on penalty kicks back in March.  Although I think Turku could win I will stick with the team with the draw option and only because I think a draw will be the outcome

Pick:  JJK Jyvaskyla Win or Draw

Soccer – Chicago Fire @ New England Revolution

The only club match of the day comes from the MLS between Chicago and New England.  These two teams are tied with 14pts each with Chicago ahead on Goal Differential.  This is a big game for each team to separate themselves from each other on the table.  Let’s go look at the numbers to compare these pretty evenly matched teams.


Overall Record:  2-8-4

On the Road:  1-4-3

Last 5:  1-3-1

New England

Overall Record:  3-5-7

At Home:  3-3-2

Last 5:  0-1-4

Both teams are playing nearly identically in terms of points and in the last 5 games so this is a match I would not go near with any kind of streak.  If you feel that you want or have to pick this one I would go with the team who has the draw on their side.  New England is decent at home but have been playing atrocious of late while Chicago is coming off a road win at Columbus.  The MLS is a draw friendly league in my opinion therefore, if you play go with the team who has the draw on their side.

Pick:  Chicago Win or Draw

Soccer- San Jose @ Sporting Kansas City

The 2nd soccer match of the day is a prime time battle from the MLS.  This match could be one of the easier matches to pick of late.  These two teams aren’t the best teams in the MLS and this could be quite the match. Let’s go behind the numbers in this one shall we….


San Jose

Overall Record:  5-4-4

On the Road:  2-2-2

Last 5:  4-1-0


Sporting Kansas City

Overall Record:  2-4-6

At Home:  0-1-0

Last 5:  1-3-1


Sporting KC is at the bottom of the MLS which makes me wonder why San Jose has the draw option here.  With that being said, Sporting KC did come off a 4-1 road win at FC Dallas and have played better of late but San Jose is the better team and has the draw option on their side.  This could be almost a gimme from the streak master but like all picks on The Streak For Cash nothing is a lock but I would go with the Win or Draw in this match.


Pick:  San Jose Win or Draw



Soccer- Bohemians @ Derry City

In the first Soccer match of the day we get another pick from the Irish Premier League.  This is another match that is too hard to predict and if you have a respectable streak(W2 or higher) I would stay far away from this one. Let’s go behind the numbers in this match….



Overall Record:  6-5-6

On the Road:  4-1-2

Last 5:  2-1-2


Derry City

Overall Record:  8-5-4

At Home:  4-3-1

Last 5:  1-3-1


After looking at the numbers in this match it seems like Bohemians could be the safer pick of the two especially since they have the draw option on their side.  The teams are only separated by 6 points on the table and they both have drawn 5 times each this year.  With that being said, it looks like draw 6 for each teams looks likely.


Pick:  Bohemians Win or Draw


Soccer – Toronto FC @ New England

This is a  match up between two of the bottom three on their side of the table.  Both teams haven’t won a match in quite some time so this one should be a interesting one to pick.  Let’s go behind the numbers in this prime time MLS match….

Toronto FC

Overall Record:  2-8-5

On the Road:  0-3-3

Last 5:  0-4-1

New England

Overall Record:  3-4-7

At Home:  3-2-2

Last 5:  1-0-4

Although New England has a good record at home they have not played well at all of late.  Toronto is coming off a draw at league leader Los Angeles this past weekend while New England has lost 4 straight.  While most people think that New England will come out of their slump at home I don’t see it happening especially with Toronto having the Draw option on their side.  Toronto is playing slightly better and coming off the Draw on the road last weekend Toronto should be able to draw again if not pull off a win.

Pick:  Toronto FC Win or Draw


Soccer – Derry City @ Shamrock Rovers

In the second soccer match of the day we get to pick another gem from the Irish Premier League.  These two teams are only separated by 5 points on the table and will meet up for the second time this season.  Let’s look at the numbers in this middle of the season battle…

Derry City

Overall Record:  8-5-3

On the Road:  4-2-2

Last 5:  2-2-1

Shamrock Rovers

Overall Record:  10-4-2

At Home:  6-0-1

Last 5:  3-1-1

This is definitely a match that I wouldn’t pick if I had any kind of streak at risk.  These two teams are close to each other on the table and drew the first two time they played this season.  After looking at the numbers I like Shamrock but not enough to risk a streak on them.  If you plan on pick be careful and expect the unexpected.  I will have to go with the home team but not by much.  You have been warned!!!!

Pick:  Shamrock Rovers Win