Prop – Tennis – 26 Games or Fewers, 27 Games or More (Murray vs Gimeno-Traver)

Andy Murray has played in 5 Wimbledon tournaments and has only played 26 or fewer games in his first round match one time. Daniel Gimeno-Traver has only played in Wimbledon twice and gone 27+ games the first time he played and 26 games or fewer last year.

Murray is on an absolute roll so far this year, he just dispatched Andy Roddick with tremendous ease on grass at Queens. The question is will he totally dominate Gimeno-Traver or not. Winning handily (6-3, 6-3, 6-3) would not be enough, Murray must demolish his opponent. In their two previous outings once during the Challenger stage of their careers there was a tight match and once two years ago Murray demolished Traver. The odds however are against Murray. One tight set would swing this prop in favor of the over dramatically. One 7-5 set would more or less ensure an over on this prop. I don’t like picking against someone as hot as Murray and this is really a toss up but Murray’s past history would indicate this should go over. Even a comfortable straight set win would go over. I think something like 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 is likely and that would put this prop over so I would go with the over.

Pick: 27 Games or More

Soccer – England vs Ukraine (Under 21 World Cup)

England like Spain is a favorite to win this years Under 21 World Cup. Spain like England faces a must win match in the group stage. Ukraine was defeated by the Czech Republic in their first match and they will definitely be looking for revenge and a result in this one. That said England is far more talented and should win this match handedly. England wont be taking this match lightly and if England wants to keep its destiny in its hands they will need to win this match. A must win match by England will mean Ukraine should be defeated fairly handily.


Pick: England, Win.

Soccer – Spain vs Czech Republic (Under 21 World Cup)

Spain is coming off of a draw against fellow U-21, World Cup favorites England. Still Spain must be considered the favorite and they are certainly the more talented team in this match. While the Czech Republic is a very talented young squad they cannot be called favorites like Spain. While Spain and England are behind the Czech Republic both teams are expected to finish above the Czech Republic in the standings. Spain knows that it needs to pick up points if it wants to advance out of the group stage. A draw would be a dangerous result forcing a must win game in their final game against Ukraine if England defeats Ukraine. Spain is the better team, and given the Czech’s first match win Spain will be going all out for a win here.


Pick: Spain, Win

Prop – Soccer – USA Wins by 3+ Goals, Any Other Result (USA vs Guadeloupe)

This is a dangerous prop. The USA should definitely beat Guadeloupe and handily. That being said the USA has played poorly of late and has struggled to score at all let alone win games by 3 goals. Guadeloupe is a smaller nation and is definitely outclassed but with the recent result against Panama it will be interesting to see how the USA responds. The USA needs a win to advance in the Gold Cup and they should win but the question is, wither the USA will pour it on or even be able too. I think the American side will come out firing eager to erase the horrible reception they got in the USA after their loss to Panama. That being said picking a soccer victory by 3+ is always terribly risky no matter who your picking on. Stay away from this one.


Pick: USA Wins by 3+ Goals.

Soccer – Belarus @ Denmark (Under 21 World Cup)

This is an interesting U-21 matchup. Normally the World Cup is played on neutral ground but in this case Denmark is the host country and that should give them an advantage. Denmark is 0-0-1 so far in this world cup while Belarus is 1-0-0. Belarus played the weakest team in the group by far in Iceland while Denmark played the strongest team in Switzerland. Belarus is probably a slightly better team than Denmark but its a close matchup. On neutral ground I would expect the win draw for Belarus but on home ground I think the U-21 match will go to Denmark.


Pick: Denmark, Win

Soccer – Iceland vs Switzerland (Under 21 World Cup)

This writeup will be pretty short. Switzerland is a pretty large favorite. Switzerland is a small nation but known for turning out a fair amount of soccer talent. Iceland is a small nation not really known for soccer due to being even smaller than Switzerland. Switzerland is regularly one of the better nations in Soccer while Iceland isn’t. The U-21 talent pools tend to be fairly in line with the over 21 talent pools. I would expect the better team to win here on neutral ground, but in U-21 games is really hard to say anything for sure. Stay away from this match if you have a streak.


Pick: Switzerland, Win

Prop – MLB – What will be the result of Curtis Granderson’s First Plate Appearance?

So far this season Curtis Granderson has a .344 OBP and has struck out 65 times in 272 Plate Appearances. That means Granderson either gets a Hit, Walk or Strikeout roughly 58% of the time this season. That would imply the odds favor the Hit, Walk, Strikeout option. However, Granderson has not been as good in the first inning posting a .261 OBP in 46 Plate appearances. Granderson has 9 hits, 3 walks, and 9 strikeouts in 46 Plate appearances in the first inning this year or a 45.6% Hit, Walk or Strikeout result. Those first inning splits are relevant because Granderson typically hits 2nd guaranteeing a 1st inning at bat when he hits there.


Given his results this year and the near 50/50 ratio performance that he has put up this year I would go with the 1st inning math and say Any other Result here but the numbers speak for themselves and you would do well to avoid this prop.


Pick: Any other Result