One Month of Picks

One month ago yesterday we started picking ESPN Streak for the Cash picks on this website. I just wanted to write a short little blurb thanking our loyal readers who continue to visit and the numerous volunteers who have helped to keep this little project going.

Over the past month we really have built a nice little community here. We have seen our viewership remain steady over the past several weeks and despite some hardships for our writing staff our readers have been very understanding. Our readers have even gone above and beyond what we could have hoped for. When we had issues fielding enough writers to post on a substantial number of picks, numerous readers stepped forward and have since become contributors and members of Streak Breakers. Without your continued visits to Streak Breakers and your assistance this site would likely not have made it a month.

I wanted to thank all those who visit our site and continue to visit our site, as well as the numerous writers who have become a part of our project here. We have made it one month, hopefully there are many more to come.

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Soccer – France @ Poland

France had a very impressive performance in their last match against Ukraine scoring 3 goals in the last 3 minutes of the game to pick up a more dominating victory than the game really was. That being said France is continuing to experiment with their lineup and Poland is a more solid team as of late than Ukraine was. Poland is playing very well recently having posted a 4-4-1 record over their last 9. France meanwhile is also obviously a better team but with an experimental lineup it will be hard to truly judge the teams. France is deeper than Poland but France’s seconds vs Poland’s first stringers in Warsaw will likely be a much closer matchup. France hasn’t lost in their last 9 but they have had some rather uninspiring draws against Belarus and Croatia.


In a matchup between two hot teams I have to go with the home team playing its first squad against the better visiting squad playing its reserves.


Pick: Poland, Win or Draw