Prop – NBA – 3-Pointer Made in Last 2 min?

Oklahoma City is going to have to clean house in Dallas in order to stay alive in this year’s NBA Playoffs.  There have been a decent amount of threes shot in this series, but the last two minutes of the fourth quarter is very touchy.  In Games 1 and 3, there was a 3-pointer made under the 2 minute mark in the 4th.  That’s really all the statistics that I can give you, but I’d recommend watching the game to see what the flow is.  Obviously if they’re within striking distance of each other, the probability for at least a 3-point attempt goes up a lot.  The same can sometimes be said for blowouts as well.  The losing team can just shoot threes to their hearts desire.

For people on a streak? Avoid this one.  L1’s? I’d say take the no 3-pointer.  Games 1 and 3 only had 1 made in that last 2 minutes.

Pick: No 3PM in last 2 min. of 4th

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